How To Use Event Rentals To Desire

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There’s a phone broadcast whatever it is now the other point is what she said was you know totally right but totally wrong because what she just said is what hanged herself she said that no we buy houses is a good keyword and I agree with her because it’s so generic that’s why it’s a keyword right.

It’s not like so generic like I’m in the moving business I hate to be the moving business in Dallas movers verga nari okay so yes if you come up with Dallas movers you’ll make a millions of dollars per year it’s very powerful guys and most of you guys ladies don’t know that.

I’m a marketing King dude back in you know before Google was Google Yahoo he was king again we all who was King I was doing search engine optimization and link building and all kinds of crazy stuff to be able to get internet lead generation before there was a workload SEO before Harvard taught SDL before the average person.

Knew about SEO it was what’s called underground and like some of my stuff that I’m revealing to you guys right now like my master Piell PLM a conversion filtering system where instead of just taking.

What the Guru’s set out the REI Club which is like said hey just send them some yellow letters and then buy their lives and that’s it dude you’re going to give customers and you just put in there some generic like Jose Bob a million other Americans I want to be investors you put that in there and it’s going to work out and give me your the truth of the fact is that doesn’t work job.

Only this much works out because they’re all seeing the same exact information guys okay so with my system I took what that guy said that hey one buy a list that was good to send them letters generic no that wasn’t that good so what I did is I took my I kept taking it look at it because I kept sending like.

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